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SDVoE Academy big upgrades - what do you think?

SDVoE Academy big upgrades - what do you think?

by Justin Kennington - Number of replies: 0

Welcome everyone!

We've been hard at work over the summer creating an updated, and more user-friendly SDVoE Academy. Today you're looking at the results. Some key improvements include:

  • This user forum - share your ideas and questions, meet your peers
  • Simplified course enrollment - start your courseware with a single mouse click
  • Better educational experience - visualize key takeaways and test your knowledge after every course
  • Flexibility - prefer to watch our course videos? You always can. Prefer (like me!) to just read some text with images? You can do that now too.

As of site launch, we have about 10% of our courseware upgraded to the new format.  We'll be upgrading all of our back-catalog over the coming weeks, and of course all new material will be built natively in this way. Want to see some examples? Check out these upgraded courses:

We built SDVoE Academy for you. We believe that the future of pro AV is on the network, but there is a knowledge and skills gap that needs to be closed, to bring AV pros and IT pros together on a level playing field.  So please tell us what you think.

  • What course material would you like to see us cover?
  • What resources could we create to help you do your job?
  • How has SDVoE Academy helped you already? (... or has it?)

Share your thoughts here in the forum, or contact me directly at

The SDVoE team has put a lot of work into this academy, and I hope you enjoy it. Let us know!