SDVoE Alliance members are installing AV-over-IP systems based on SDVoE technology around the world, in a wide variety of venues.

Check out these real-life examples of how they were able to satisfy customers’ needs and help them accomplish their goals. Discover practical solutions and get inspired!

As a member of the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE), Harrisburg University has fully embraced the rise of collegiate eSports with their world-class, one-and-only varsity team – the Harrisburg University Storm. Paul Harris of Aurora Multimedia talks about the AV installation in their 2,300 square-foot training facility that provides the high resolution frame rates and zero-frame latency to support the graphics intense gameplay.

The Samsung Experience Centre at King’s Cross, London, is not just a retail shop. It’s also a lecture hall, conference center, art & design space, cinema, e-gaming facility and much more.  It’s a 20,000 sq. ft. tech playground filled with Samsung innovations including the world’s first 10-meter-wide, vertically-curved LED screen. Listen to Charlie Sullivan from ZeeVee and Kevin Madeja from Snelling Business Solutions describe the technical challenges they faced and the solutions they deployed in this showcase installation.

This case study explores how Christie upgraded the 4K digital projection systems at Zurich Opera House from a restricted point to point topology to a fully flexible and scalable solution over Ethernet. 

Control from a single point was also extremely important as previously this wasn't possible and using a simple SDVoE design topology this hugely impressive upgrade was achieved in a single day. 

This case study documents an 18 month project to completely re-design a large training facility for a middle eastern oil company. Frank Sheehan, CEO of Hypersphere explains how the various challenges were overcome using SDVoE technology.

This case study details a speciality application for the Quadram Institute based in the UK. As the largest gastrointestinal endoscopy unit in Europe it conducts around 40,000 endoscopic procedures each year, and as a training facility it must allow clinicians to watch and interact with the procedures taking place. 

Take a look at how Snelling Business Systems used SDVoE technology built into the ZeeVee Zyper 4K units along with NETGEAR Ethernet switches to achieve this objective. 

Jay Rennies of IDK Europe describes the design goals ECHA had for their new AV system when they relocated their facility in Helsinki, and lays out the reasons why they chose an SDVoE solution. 

What is humankind’s purpose on earth? That’s the profound question composer Karlheinz Stockhausen sought to answer in the seven-opera cycle LICHT, which has never been performed in its entirety. In aus LICHT, the Dutch National Opera mounted a marathon 15-hour performance spread over three days featuring selected highlights from the seven operas, in a spectacular overview of Stockhausen’s masterpiece. In this case study, Tom Böecker of Christie explains how and why Christie Terra and SDVoE formed part of the technology solution for this one-of-a-kind event.