One of the latest applications of immersive AV is eSports. Audiences can feel totally involved in the experience with vast arrays of screens and video walls filling entire arenas while hundreds of professional gamers sit at consoles competing for huge sums of money. The AV distribution system that distributes this content must meet strict requirements for video quality, low latency and flexibility. This course shows you how SDVoE is perfectly matched to this incredible new global phenomenon. 

Are house of worship AV systems just like those for any large presentation space or is there something special about them and how they should be designed? This course covers the latest trends in HOW technology and details how the flexibility, scalability and interoperability of SDVoE, along with its flexibility and ease of set up and use, play a vital part in creating immersive experiences for congregations big and small.

Technology innovations such as flipped classrooms and digital canvas presentation systems in schools and universities are fully supported by SDVoE. This course shows you how flipped classrooms are implemented seamlessly thanks to the flexibility of an Ethernet network and bidirectional SDVoE endpoints, saving cost and complexity compared to a matrix switch. It also details how multiview layouts can be changed at the push of a button to allow a digital canvas to perform exactly how it was intended – to show content of immediate interest while leaving other content on screen for context and background, ready to be called to the front at a moment's notice. As an added advantage, control of the system is not restricted to a single client. Multiple client interfaces can be created to allow teachers and students to quickly interact with each other without the need for extra hardware.

Home theaters have been around for decades but over recent years have evolved to become just one part of complete home automation systems that also control screens in every room, lighting, shades, security, building management and more. In this course, you'll learn why SDVoE is a better choice than traditional matrix switches for residential AV applications.

Lean how SDVoE technology meets the demanding requirements of command and control centers for complete reliability, flexibility, scalability and interoperability.

The Internet of Things connects devices together to improve the quality of life, society and industry. Connected healthcare in fact remains the sleeping giant of IOT applications.

In this course, Colin Dobbyne from Big Blue Solutions explains why SDVoE technology is the perfect solution for bringing the Internet of Things into the operating room.

Kees Poot of 4 Medical IT describes how the use of technology has evolved from the early days of surgical interventions to today’s connected digital operating suites that rely on SDVoE, IoT and AI.